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Kale Legendary(!) Super Saiyan Transformation #2 by rmehedi Kale Legendary(!) Super Saiyan Transformation #2 :iconrmehedi:rmehedi 20 1 Kale Super Saiyan by rmehedi Kale Super Saiyan :iconrmehedi:rmehedi 34 0 pilot gems by questionedSleeper pilot gems :iconquestionedsleeper:questionedSleeper 127 12 [SU] Damage from the Diamonds by KamiSulit [SU] Damage from the Diamonds :iconkamisulit:KamiSulit 139 12 ''It's okay to be afraid'' - Steven Universe by Koizumi-Marichan ''It's okay to be afraid'' - Steven Universe :iconkoizumi-marichan:Koizumi-Marichan 146 9 guerreros universo 6 by PiPeSnOw guerreros universo 6 :iconpipesnow:PiPeSnOw 95 16 [DBZ] Goku USSJ by Niiii-Link [DBZ] Goku USSJ :iconniiii-link:Niiii-Link 28 3 Goku Super Saiyan Blue by rmehedi Goku Super Saiyan Blue :iconrmehedi:rmehedi 33 0 Califla poster by Lutbarg Califla poster :iconlutbarg:Lutbarg 43 1 Goku Super Saiyan Rose by rmehedi Goku Super Saiyan Rose :iconrmehedi:rmehedi 37 0 2017 by MondoArt 2017 :iconmondoart:MondoArt 81 16 Sexy Back by MondoArt Sexy Back :iconmondoart:MondoArt 195 20 Twin tantos by PumyteH Twin tantos :iconpumyteh:PumyteH 131 9 OSSJ Goku Kaiokenx100 V Royal OSSJ Vegeta (Goku) by Mitchell1406 OSSJ Goku Kaiokenx100 V Royal OSSJ Vegeta (Goku) :iconmitchell1406:Mitchell1406 14 7 Manga 24 Dragon Ball Super by NekoAR Manga 24 Dragon Ball Super :iconnekoar:NekoAR 119 16 Goku SSJBlue by SaoDVD Goku SSJBlue :iconsaodvd:SaoDVD 67 5



Top Ten Fastest Characters:

10: Raizamu Hikari 

9: Raigaku Kaminari

8: David Ari

7: Daneri Ari 

6: Zazz Hikari

5: Raid Hikari

4: Keilano Sasori 

3: Jaquan Ari

2: Zaraki Kenja

1: Dasan Ari

Top Ten Strongest Demon Carriers:

10: Makani Burel 

9: Balin Hanuman

8: Misu Lache

7: Beat

6: Dasan Ari

5: David Ari

4: Jaquan Ari

3: Zazz Hikari

2: Sin Ari

1: Phoenix Ari

Top Ten Strongest Characters:

10: David Ari

9: Daneri Ari

8: Kell Ari

7: Jahsura Ari

6: Jumura Ari

5: Raid Hikari

4: Jaquan Ari

3: Zazz Hikari

2: Sin Ari

1: Phoenix Ari

The Strongest Characters Of All Time:

10: David Ari (w/abaddon): 480,000,000

9: Masato (ending soul burst): 175,000,000

8: Kell Ari (final lightning shell, yang influence, baransu seiji's mental energies): 585,000,000

7: Jahsura Ari (balance mode, yin influence, baransu seiji's physical energies): 590,000,000 

6: Jaquan Ari (inugami mode, abaddon influence, hiken burst, jahsura's body, yin influence): 715,000,000 

5: Raid Hikari (demonic lightning shell, teleportation, telepathy, yang influence, kell's mind): 700,000,000

4: Jumura Ari (phoenixs energy, super speed): 1,360,000,000

3: Zazz Hikari (w/abaddon, phoenix's influence, demonic lightning shell, hiken burst, ): 1,370,000,000

2: Sin Ari (final lightning shell, yin/yang influence, brande's energy): 1,500,000,000

1: Phoenix Ari (immortal entity, abaddon influence, telepathy, teleportation,  lightning shell): 2,500,000,000

Top Ten Strongest Tag Teams: 

10: The legendary ones: Keilano Sasori & Crystal Fox

9: Team immortal: Waru & Shi

8: Beat & Rhythm combo 

7: Team earth bringer: Mahkah Mamoru & Dyzek Edom 

6: Lightning siblings: Raid Hikari & Raizamu Hikari

5: Ari bros. : Jaquan Ari & Avshalom Ari

4: The Oni: David Ari & Zazz Hikari

3: Father & Son's Combo: Dasan, Jaquan & Avshalom Ari 

2: Friends and Rivals: Raid Hikari & Jaquan Ari

1: The one's that keep balance: Sin Ari & Jumura Ari

Top Ten Strongest Hiken Users:

10: Giles

9: Chaga

8: Gedi

7: Keilano Sasori

6: Kobun Ida

5: Dasan Ari

4: Zakeen Kenja

3: Zazz Hikari

2: Jaquan Ari

1: Sin Ari

Top Ten Strongest Lightning Shell Users: 

10: Shimaru Zanji 

9: Zake Hikari

8: Raigaku Hikari

7: Raizamu Hikari

6: Kai Hikari

5: David Ari

4: Kell Ari

3: Raid Hikari

2: Zazz Hikari

1: Phoenix Ari



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Jaquan Riley
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I have a strong passion for dbz and i love naruto, and i love to look at the the art of amazing naruto/dbz artists you guys are awesome. I also love DBNA your awesome Malik.


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